House Session - March 19, 1997

The House opened with Morning Speeches. Any Member may speak for up to five minutes on any subject. The House then moved onto Compensatory Time Off and Overtime Pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act now requires cash overtime for any hours worked after 40 a week. Cash overtime now must be 1.5 x regular pay. Under this new bill, comp time accrues at 1.5 x overtime pay. For union workers, the bill would not apply unless comp time was part of the union contract. Non-union workers would require a comp time agreement which a worker could cancel at any time. This resolution, H RES 99 was agreed to 229 to 195. The next resolution designated HR 1 would let some workers substitute compensatory time for cash overtime pay. The House concluded this session with Special Order Speeches.

10:59AM - 9:36PM ETHouse Session

    117th Congress - House
    Total Hours: 1200 (After 633 days)
    • Debate314 Hours
    • Special Orders178 Hours
    • Votes386 Hours
    • One Minute Speeches75 Hours
    • Morning Hour64 Hours
    • Opening Procedures9 Hours

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