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House Session - January 30, 2001

Bills Introduced: 69 public bills, H.R. 244-312; 3 private bills, H.R. 313-315; and 8 resolutions, H.J. Res. 5-6; H. Con. Res. 13-17, and H. Res. 23, were introduced.
Pages H108-11
Reports Filed: Reports were filed as follows:
Report on the Activities of the Committee on the Budget during the 106th Congress (H. Rept. 106-1055) and
Report on the Activities of the Committee on House Administration during the 106th Congress (H. Rept. 106-1056).
Page H108
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: The Speaker announced the appointment of Representatives Bereuter, Castle, Boehlert, Bass, Gibbons, LaHood, Cunningham, Hoekstra, Burr, and Hutchinson to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
Page H77
North Atlantic Assembly: The Speaker announced the appointment of Representative Bereuter, Chairman, and Representatives Regula, Roukema, Hefley, Gillmor, Goss, Ehlers, and McInnis to the United States Group of the North Atlantic Assembly.
Page H77
Committee Resignation: Read a letter from Representative Hutchinson wherein he submitted his resignation from the Committee on Government Reform.
Pages H77-78
Recess: The House recessed at 2:17 p.m. and reconvened at 5:30 p.m.
Page H79D45
Suspension--Federal Firefighters Retirement Age Fairness Act: The House agreed to suspend the rules and pass H.R. 93, amended, to amend title 5, United States Code, to provide that the mandatory separation age for Federal firefighters be made the same as the age that applies with respect to Federal law enforcement officers by a yea and nay vote of 401 yeas with none voting ``nay'', Roll No. 5.
Pages H80-86
Member Sworn: Representative Lipinski presented himself in the well and was administered the oath of office by the Speaker.
Page H87
Presidential Message--Armies of Compassion: Read a message from the President wherein he transmitted the blueprint for his program to ``Rally the Armies of Compassion'' and support the heroic works of faith-based and community groups across America--referred to the Committees on Ways and Means, Judiciary, Education and the Workforce, Government Reform, and Financial Services and ordered printed (H. Doc. 106-36).
Page H87
Motion to Suspend the Rules on Wednesday, Jan. 31: Agreed that the Speaker be authorized on Wednesday, January 31 to entertain a motion to suspend the rules and agree to H. Con. Res. 14, permitting the use of the rotunda of the Capitol for a ceremony as part of the commemoration of the days of remembrance of victims of the Holocaust.
Page H87
Senate Messages: Messages received from the Senate appear on page H77.
Quorum Calls--Votes: One yea and nay vote developed during the proceedings of the House today and appears on page H86. There were no quorum calls.
Adjournment: The House met at 2 p.m. and adjourned at 8:20 p.m.



    116th Congress - House
    Total Hours: 344 (After 139 days)
    • Debate67 Hours
    • Special Orders65 Hours
    • Votes103 Hours
    • One Minute Speeches29 Hours
    • Morning Hour26 Hours
    • Opening Procedures3 Hours

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