House Passes Democrats' $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, 233-188
Senate Session - June 19, 1991

The Senate passed S. 1204, the Surface Transportation Efficiency Act/Federal-Aid Highway Act. The Moynihan (D-NY) /Symms (R-ID) amendment to make technical corrections regarding provisions for Indian roads, was adopted. The Symms (R-ID) amendment 361, to express the sense of the Senate about the section on gasoline taxes as it relates to each state’s ability to finance its total effort for highways, was adopted, as well as the Graham (D-FL) amendment 362, to increase the obligation ceilings contained in the bill to match the increased funding approved in amendment 296. The Lott (R-MS) amendment 358, to eliminate language lowering the Federal share payable for interstate maintenance and bridges and the Mack (R-FL) amendment 359, to provide for the utilization of the most current census data in certain laws related to the environment and public works were both rejected. The second Graham amendment, No. 364, regarding parity between maintenance and capacity enforcement, was also rejected. A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that when the Senate receives from the House a Surface Transportation measure not containing a revenue component provision, the Senate shall be deemed to have considered the bill. A further unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that should the House return S. 1204.

10:00AM - 8:13PM ETSenate Session


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