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Senate Session - July 2, 1992

HCR 343: A resolution to provide for an adjournments and recesses of the House and Senate. SR 324: A resolution to express the sense of the Senate that the president of the United States expeditiously issue an executive order requiring all executive branch departments and agencies to declassify and publicly release all documents, files, and other materials pertaining to POWs and MIAs. SCR 81: A resolution to express the sense of the Congress regarding visionary art as a national treasure and regarding the American Visionary Art Museum as a national repository and educational center for visionary art. SJR 326: A resolution to designate “Arkansas Beach” in the Northeast Bay of Unalaska, Alaska. SR 303: A resolution to express the sense of the Senate that the Secretary of Agriculture should conduct a study of options for implementing universal-type school lunch and breakfast programs. S 2984: A bill to authorize financial assistance for the construction and maintenance of the Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial Fine Arts Center. SJR 270: A resolution to designate the “82nd Airborne Division 50th Anniversary Recognition Day.” SR 273: A resolution to amend the Standing Rules of the Senate to provide guidance to member of the Senate, and their employees, in discharging the representative function of members with respect to communications from petitioners. HCR 156: A resolution concerning the emancipation of the Baha’i community of Iran. HR 158: A bill to designate the “Zora Leah S. Thomas Post Office.” HR 4505: A bill to designate the “Arthur J. Holland Post Office.” S 2835: A bill to designate the “John J. Williams Post Office.” HCR 328: A bill to provide for the printing of the book entitled, “Year of the American Indian, 1992: Congressional Recognition and Appreciation.” HR 5412: A bill to authorize the transfer of certain naval vessels to Greece and Taiwan. HR 5260: A bill to extend the emergency unemployment compensation program, and to revise the trigger provisions contained in the extended unemployment compensation program. S 250: A bill to establish national voter registration procedures for federal elections.

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    116th Congress - Senate
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