Bipartisan Gun Legislation Proposal Released
Senate Session - August 6, 1992

HR 4111: A bill to amend the Small Business Act to provide additional loan assistance to small businesses. HR 2324: A bill to amend title twenty-eight, United States Code, with respect to witness fees. S 1578: A bill to recognize and grant a Federal Charter to the Military Order of the World Wars. HR 2549: A bill to make technical corrections to chapter five of title five, United State Code. HR 3795: A bill to establish three divisions in the Central Judicial District of California. HR 2850: A bill to make changes in title five, United States Code, and the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990. HR 4312: A bill to amend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with respect to bilingual election requirements. S 1770: A bill to convey certain real estate property located in the Black Hills National Forest to the Black Hills Workshop and Training Center.

9:44AM - 10:41PM ETSenate Session


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    117th Congress - Senate
    Total Hours: 1646 (After 541 days)
    • Debate267 Hours
    • Quorum Calls278 Hours
    • Votes518 Hours

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