House Resolution on Impeachment Procedures
Senate Session - September 20, 1993

In the twelfth of fourteen speeches opposing the line-item veto, Senator Byrd continued to trace the Roman Republic’s decline in the first century B.C. He reviewed Caesar’s rise and the conspiracy to murder him. Soon after, Lepidus, Antony and Octavian, Caesar’s nephew, formed the Second Triumvirate to share power. They murdered thousands of Caesar’s enemies and defeated others in battle. Soon, Antony and Octavian began to quarrel and yet another civil war broke out. Octavian defeated Antony in 31 B.C. He became Emperor in 27 B.C. and formalized the new government in 23 B.C. when the Senate agreed to a new constitution which invested all state power in the Emperor.

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    116th Congress - Senate
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