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H.AMDT. 636

An amendment numbered 11 printed in House Report 106-549 to provide $10 million to fund the Volunteer Fire Assistanc Program; $10 million for burn research; and $80 million for a Fire Competitive Grant Program, to be matched by local governments on a 50-50 basis; and to allow CDBG funds to be freed up for local fire service use.

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Amends H.R. 3908

Mar 30, 2000: Passed House


March 30, 2000
11:31 AM EST
On agreeing to the Weldon (PA) amendment (A022) as modified Agreed to by recorded vote: 386 - 28 (Roll no. 90). (text as modified: CR H1592)
March 30, 2000
10:09 AM EST
Weldon (PA) amendment (A022) modified by unanimous consent. The modification strikes sec. 5112 of the proposed amendment. The section dealt with references to the Community Development Block Grant Program. (consideration: CR H1592-1594, H1602-1603)
March 29, 2000
10:35 PM EST
Amendment (A022) offered by Mr. Weldon (PA). (consideration: CR H1577-1583, text: CR H1577-1578)