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H.AMDT. 55

An amendment numbered 13 printed in House Report 107-69 to authorize school personnel to discipline a student with a disability who has a weapon; knowingly possesses or uses illegal drugs or sells or solicits the sale of a controlled substance; or commits aggravated assault or battery at a school in the same manner as they would discipline a non-disabled student who has commited the same offense, including suspension or expulsion. A disabled child who is disciplined under this amendment would be able to assert a defense that the possession of a weapon, or possession or use of illegal drugs, or sale or solicitation of a controlled substance, was unintentional or innocent.

Amends H.R. 1

May 23, 2001: Passed House


May 23, 2001
3:20 PM EDT
On agreeing to the Norwood amendment (A013) Agreed to by recorded vote: 246 - 181 (Roll no. 138).
May 23, 2001
11:12 AM EDT
Amendment (A013) offered by Mr. Norwood. (consideration: CR H2582-2586, H2609-2610; text: CR H2582-2583)
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