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H.AMDT. 876

An amendment numbered 1 printed in House Report 110-416 to clarify that `valid existing rights' associated with existing mining claims would be protected under the Act. It would clarify that in addition to paying a 4% royalty, existing operations will still need to come into compliance with the Act within 10 years; would clarify that the claim maintenance and location fees currently allotted to administration of the mining laws will continue to be so allotted with the balance going to clean-up of abandoned hardrock mines, subject to appropriations; would clarify that user fees assessed by the BLM to process mining permit applications will be used for administration of the mining law program; would limit the purview of section 504-citizen suits--to permits issued pursuant to title III of the Act; and finally, would clarify that nothing under the Act will affect the sovereign immunity of any Indian Tribe.

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Amends H.R. 2262

Nov 1, 2007: Passed House


November 1, 2007
1:11 PM EDT
On agreeing to the Rahall amendment (A001) as modified Agreed to by voice vote. (text as modified: CR H12421)
November 1, 2007
1:07 PM EDT
Rahall amendment (A001) modified by unanimous consent. Modification was technical in nature.
November 1, 2007
1:07 PM EDT
Amendment (A001) offered by Mr. Rahall. (consideration: CR H12420-12421; text: CR H12420-12421)