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S.RES. 135

A resolution expressing the gratitude and appreciation of the Senate for the acts of heroism and valor by the members of the United States Armed Forces who participated in the June 6, 1944, amphibious landing at Normandy, France, and commending those individuals for leadership and bravery in an operation that helped bring an end to World War II.

Jun 4, 2019: Agreed to in Senate Armed forces and national security


June 4, 2019 Resolution agreed to in Senate without amendment and an amended preamble by Unanimous Consent. (consideration: CR S3199-3200; text: CR S3199-3200)
May 23, 2019 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 98.
May 23, 2019 Committee on Foreign Relations. Reported by Senator Risch without amendment and with an amended preamble. Without written report.
May 22, 2019 Committee on Foreign Relations. Ordered to be reported with an amendment favorably.
April 2, 2019 Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. (text: CR S2193)