8:28 PM EST

Bill Young, R-FL 10th

Mr. YOUNG of Florida. Mr. Chairman, I make a point of order against the amendment because it proposes to change existing law and constitute legislation in an appropriations bill and, therefore, violates clause 2 of rule XXI.

The rule states in pertinent part: An amendment to a general appropriations bill shall not be in order if changing existing law.

The amendment imposes additional duties and I ask for a ruling.

8:28 PM EST

Maxine Waters, D-CA 35th

Ms. WATERS. Mr. Chairman, on the point of order again, I make the point that the chairman has on other occasions this evening waived the rules, and certainly this would not be a precedent. He could do it if he had the will to do it. Again, I think just as on my other two amendments, he has failed to give an opportunity to have some very serious issues heard. He is doing it, again, not because there should not be room for this kind of amendment, but simply because in this case he wants to protect

the administration and allow them to continue to [Page: H2796]

divvy up the spoils and give contracts to cronies.

[Time: 20:30]