5:44 PM EDT

Michael N. Castle, R-DE

Mr. CASTLE. On that particular subject, there may be times when we do need to put more money into discretionary spending. We may be in one of those times now in terms of the war in Iraq. There may be other emergency things that we have to deal with. For that reason, I believe that flexibility should be in the Committee on Appropriations.

5:44 PM EDT

Jim Nussle, R-IA 1st

Mr. NUSSLE. Mr. Chairman, I am not going to change the gentleman's mind, I understand that. But we have heard a lot today about bringing everybody together. There is nothing like bringing everybody together by the need to pass a law as opposed to just passing a resolution. By doing it by resolution, the House can have a version, the other body can have a version, the President has a version. You can go through the entire year with three versions.

I understand we are not going to change the gentleman's mind or probably a lot of people's minds, but what the gentleman is suggesting is by doing it this way, everyone has to come together at least once. That is the reason.

The CHAIRMAN pro tempore (Mr. Bass). The time of the gentleman from South Carolina (Mr. Spratt) has expired. All time has expired.

The question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. Ryan).

The question was taken; and the Chairman pro tempore announced that the ayes appeared to have it.