1:48 PM EDT

James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-WI 9th

Mr. SENSENBRENNER. Mr. Chairman, as I mentioned in my opening statement, this manager's amendment is necessary to strike the authorization of certain FAA R&D activities from H.R. 1551.

By agreement with the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, the [Page: H8324]

authorization of these specific activities were included in H.R. 1000, the Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century when it successfully passed the House earlier this year.

1:49 PM EDT

James A. Traficant Jr., D-OH 17th

Mr. TRAFICANT. Mr. Chairman, let me take a minute on this. I know there are no other mandates in the bill, and I will respect the distinguished chairman. But this is the system that is on our aircraft carriers. It is a laser system where the pilot hones in and that craft lands at the same spot all the time. It has been most successful in that very dangerous arena.

What is happening, such as the fatality in Arkansas, is they did not have the visibility to see the runway. That pilot found himself in a position where he thought he could bank in and land. He overshot the runway, hit a light tower, and is now history, this fatality.

This system can be seen as far out as 20 miles. And once they lock in on it, with no expense to the craft itself, they land on the same spot. It is absolutely a critical safety initiative that the Committee on Transportation and the Infrastructure has prioritized.