7:48 PM EDT

Tom Coburn M.D., R-OK 2nd

Mr. COBURN. Mr. Chairman, this again is an area that has a 75 percent increase, and the first thing I would like to do with my time, if I may, is inquire of the committee the thinking behind this increase of 75 percent in this account so that we can have an understanding of it, and actually I would, if the gentleman from Texas knows the reason for that, I would even respond if he could give us the answer for that.

The fact is, this is a significant increase for just the Office of the Under Secretary. We are not talking about research, we are talking about the Office of the Under Secretary for Research, by increasing it by $400,000, and I just would like an explanation.

Mr. Chairman, it was $140,000, and it is going to be $540,000, and I believe that people would like to know why we are increasing that spending, and we ought to have a good explanation of why we are expending. If there is a great one and we should not be trimming this money out, then I will be happy to defer to the chairman, but to me it seems this 75 percent increase, from $400,000 to $540,000, is a significant increase.