3:15 PM EDT

Maxine Waters, D-CA 35th

Ms. WATERS. Mr. Chairman, I want to thank the gentleman for his commitment. The gentleman has demonstrated his commitment to this issue as much as anyone, more than most in the Congress of the United States. And I am going to review the numbers and [Page: H5296]

take his representation of how that funding has come together and have further discussions with the AIDS community. They are so concerned because since the President's commitment, over 7 million people have

died. And also we will have an amendment coming up today from the gentleman from Iowa (Mr. King), and although I do not want to preempt the gentleman's presentation, I would hope the gentleman would join me in helping to put that down because that would undermine all the work that he has done.

3:15 PM EDT

Jim Kolbe, R-AZ 8th

Mr. KOLBE. I thank the gentlewoman for her comments.

My purpose in going through those numbers was simply to illustrate that we are meeting this commitment, not as the gentlewoman from New York (Mrs. Lowey) suggested, not that it is enough. There is not enough. We are not doing enough. But I think we are meeting the commitment we did make. This is a pandemic of absolutely unprecedented proportions, and we need to be doing a lot more in Africa, in the Caribbean, in Southeast Asia, now in countries like China and in Russia where it is growing

with great rapidity. So there is a lot more that needs to be done. I thank the gentlewoman for highlighting that and providing the clarion call today for this country and for the AIDS community around the world to respond to this need in this pandemic.