8:11 PM EDT

Maxine Waters, D-CA 35th

Ms. WATERS. Yes, Mr. Chairman.

I thank the gentleman from Arizona (Mr. Kolbe) for his interpretation of what I am attempting to do here. I do not know what law the gentleman is referring to. There is no law that would have us dictate when elections are to take place in Haiti. There is no law that we would be in violation of by not using our influence to make those elections happen.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Chairman, with all due respect, this is being driven by Mr. Noriega at the State Department because they have helped to create this chaos in Haiti with the removal of the democratically elected [Page: H5343]

president, and this democratically elected president will probably not be able to return to Haiti. That is not a problem. That is not something that anybody should worry about.

What we should be concerned about is why they are insisting on holding these elections in this atmosphere of violence, corruption, and complete chaos in Haiti. So I do not think the gentleman is referring to any law that he can reasonably point to that we are in violation of.