8:19 PM EDT

Jim Kolbe, R-AZ 8th

Mr. KOLBE. Mr. Chairman, I make a point of order against the amendment, but before I do so, let me say to the gentleman that I fully concur with what he is attempting to do here. I have been to Darfur. I went with the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Jackson), and we have seen some of the terrible things going on there. There is no question about it. We need to do everything we can to stop this. And I believe that our legislation does do a lot of that. For one thing, we have $69 million

in the legislation for the assistance to Darfur for humanitarian assistance as well as other moneys to implement the peace accords in the south.

But, Mr. Chairman, this is a very broad amendment, and for that reason I must make a point of order against the amendment because it does propose to change existing law and constitutes legislation in an appropriation bill and therefore violates clause 2 of rule XXI.

That rule states in pertinent part that:

``An amendment to a general appropriation bill shall not be in order if changing existing law, modifies existing powers and duties.'' This does that, and for that reason it would not be in order.

I ask for a ruling from the Chair.

8:20 PM EDT

Nita Lowey, D-NY 18th

Mrs. LOWEY. Mr. Chairman, I would like to thank my colleague from Massachusetts for spending some time to discuss the genocide that is currently occurring in Darfur. He and I understand that the administration does currently have the authorization to take steps, and with his help and with the help of the Chair, I hope we can continue to keep this issue on the tops of our agenda so that the world does not actually watch what is going on without taking all appropriate action, and I want to thank

the gentleman.