2:15 PM EDT

Lynn Woolsey, D-CA 6th

Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of House Resolution 1414, which honors and congratulates Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men in Englewood, Illinois and all 107 members of its first graduating class for achieving a 100 percent college acceptance rate.

Students in America often face extraordinary challenges to completing high school. In our Nation's 50 largest cities, only 53 percent of students are graduating from high school on time. In the Chicago Public School District in particular, African American males are dropping out at a rate of over 50 percent, and only one in 40 of those who finish high school are graduating from college.

The students at the Englewood campus of the Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men have bucked these national and local trends, Mr. Speaker. Their very first graduating class achieved a 100 percent college acceptance rate and will enroll in more than 80 different colleges and universities this fall. The graduates of Urban Prep displayed remarkable academic achievement and community engagement and received nearly $4 million in college scholarships and grants.

When nationally only 28 percent of African American male high school graduates are enrolling in college, the 100 percent acceptance rate at Urban Prep-Englewood is a remarkable accomplishment for these students, their families, and the community, as well as for the faculty and staff of Urban Prep-Englewood. The graduates serve as role models for their community and remind us that we must do more to increase America's college attendance if we are to succeed in a 21st-century economy.

Mr. Speaker, once again, I express my support for H. Res. 1414 and congratulate the seniors of the Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men for their academic achievement and college acceptance. I want to thank Representative BOBBY RUSH for bringing this resolution to the floor, and I urge my colleagues to pass the resolution.

Mr. Speaker, I yield such time as he may consume to the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Rush).