2:16 PM EDT

Paul C. Broun Jr., M.D., R-GA 10th

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I have an amendment at the desk.

The Acting CHAIR. The Clerk will designate the amendment.

The text of the amendment is as follows:

Page 27, line 23, after the first dollar amount, insert ``(reduced by $15,000,000)''.

Page 80, line 2, after the first dollar amount, insert ``(increased by $15,000,000)''.

The Acting CHAIR. The gentleman from Georgia is recognized for 5 minutes.

2:21 PM EDT

Norm Dicks, D-WA 6th

Mr. DICKS. I would just say to the Chair and to the author of the amendment, who's a doctor, a medical doctor, remember the Hippocratic oath: Do no harm.

This amendment, if it is enacted, will deny millions of people getting food. Millions of children's lives have been saved because of this program and I hope the Broun amendment will be defeated.

2:22 PM EDT

Paul C. Broun Jr., M.D., R-GA 10th

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. No, sir. Actually, it will do good.

The thing is, we come to the crux of the problem here in that some people in this body believe that the Federal Government ought to take care of everybody in the world, and I would love to be able to do that. There's no end of good things that can be done all over this world. But for you to accuse me of wanting to do harm to people, I resent that.

2:23 PM EDT

Sam Farr, D-CA 17th

Mr. FARR. Reclaiming my time, Mr. Chairman, in finishing, I would just like to say, there is some inconsistency and insincerity here in stating what you did as a profession and then cutting these programs, because these go to the children that we think the medical profession so much appreciates trying to care for. I mean, if you can't feed children, if you can't feed women, and you can't feed infants, no matter where in the world they are, problems are going to occur. Big, serious problems. That

is not fiscal conservative. That is just not very intelligent.

The Acting CHAIR. The time of the gentleman has expired.

2:24 PM EDT

Paul C. Broun Jr., M.D., R-GA 10th

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I would like to bring a point of order about the gentleman's accusations that I want to do harm. I believe this meets the criteria of taking down his words, and I would like a ruling from the Chair regarding that.

The Acting CHAIR. All Members will suspend.

The Clerk will report the words.

2:26 PM EDT

Jim McGovern, D-MA 3rd

Mr. McGOVERN. Mr. Chairman, I rise in very, very, very strong opposition to this amendment gutting the Food for Peace program. Food for peace.

I find it somewhat ironic that we have people who oppose food for peace but support weapons for war without giving it a second thought. The fact of the matter is that this amendment would do great harm to some of the most helpless people in the world. I believe very, very strongly on a bipartisan basis that this amendment should be defeated.

The Food for Peace program has saved the lives of millions and millions of people. It is a good program. It is something we should be proud of in this country, and on a bipartisan basis, I believe, we are proud of the Food for Peace program. I think we need a big bipartisan vote to defeat this amendment.

I appreciated the chairman's remarks earlier, and I thank him for his comments on this issue.

2:27 PM EDT

Norm Dicks, D-WA 6th

Mr. DICKS. We've already cut this program by 38 percent below the President's budget request and 31 percent below last year. That is a major cut in this program. To go any further, I think, would be a big mistake. [Page: H4215]

I thank the gentleman for yielding.

2:27 PM EDT

Jim McGovern, D-MA 3rd

Mr. McGOVERN. I thank the gentleman. I would just say that, yes, we need to get serious about the deficit and we need to find ways to bring this deficit down. But taking food out of the mouths of children is not the way to do this.

I can go through a litany of things that deserve to be cut, from some of the subsidies that we provide some of the big agricultural businesses to the subsidization of the oil companies to some of the tax breaks for the Donald Trumps of the world. I would rather start there. But to take, to denigrate this program, I think, is wrong. This is something we should be proud of, and, in a bipartisan way, we should be proud of this. Presidents, both Republican and Democratic, have supported this program,

and this is vital to the survival of so many people around the world.

Again, I would reiterate what Secretary Gates said. These programs, these developmental programs, are important to our national security. I'm going to tell you, they do more to help improve our image and protect our security around the world than a lot of these other programs that we have that export military hardware all around the world. This is important. This is real. This saves lives.

I would urge my colleagues on a bipartisan basis to soundly reject this amendment and let us support food for peace. Let us support food programs for the poor. That's who we are. That reflects well on this country. I urge my colleagues to defeat this amendment.

I yield back the balance of my time.

2:29 PM EDT

Jo Ann Emerson, R-MO 8th

Mrs. EMERSON. I have been sitting back listening to all of the discussion here on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and it has been near and dear to our family since the very first time my late husband came back from Ethiopia having sobbed, as he told me, a story about a child from Ethiopia who died in his arms.

[Time: 14:30]

Now, I will say that there's been an awful lot of rhetoric on this, and I think that the chairman, in spite of the fact that I don't like the number, I don't like the numbers that we've been given, the chairman, who also has traveled to Africa and has seen up close and personal how these programs really do make a difference for those of us who live here in the United States, how important these programs are for our national security, as Mr. McGovern said and Mr. Dicks, and also

how important it is that America, which is still the richest country in the world in spite of our financial difficulties, has respect and wants to help others because we ourselves have been so well blessed.

So I rise in opposition to this amendment, and I want to thank my colleagues from the other side and thank Mr. Kingston as well and hope that as we proceed through the process that we might be able to find some common ground, perhaps get a little bit more assistance for these vital programs, but let's try to keep our emotions down a little bit because everybody feels very strongly, but yet our common goal is to lift this country up, and by helping others, we do that.

I yield back the balance of time.

The Acting CHAIR. The question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Broun).

The question was taken; and the Acting Chair announced that the noes appeared to have it.