5:15 PM EDT

Adam B. Schiff, D-CA 29th

Mr. SCHIFF. Mr. Chairman, I demand a recorded vote.

The Acting CHAIR. Pursuant to clause 6 of rule XVIII, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman from California will be postponed.



5:16 PM EDT

Edward J. Markey, D-MA 7th

Mr. MARKEY. Madam Chairman, my amendment deals with the heart of what's wrong with this entire bill.

In this bill, the Republicans cut the budget for solar, for wind, for geothermal, for biomass, for clean vehicles--that's plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles. They cut the budget for science. They cut the budget for weatherization. They cut the budget for energy efficiency. But what do they do in the same bill? They increase the budget for coal, for oil, for gas, for nuclear. They increase it while they eviscerate, while they annihilate the clean energy budget, the future energy agenda

for our country.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is a big moment here. Where is America heading? Are we going to compete against the Saudi Arabians, the Venezuelans, and others in the generation of energy or are we going to capitulate? Are we going to just become a country where we're importing oil or are we going to move to a solar future, a wind future, an all-electric vehicle future over the next 20 and 30 and 40 years?

You know, this budget that they have put together is really one that gets right to the heart of their argument that they say they care about all of the above. What this budget actually says is it is oil above all. It's still a fossil fuel agenda. It's not a technology-oriented agenda. It's not an agenda that can help us to turn the corner and to create new technologies that move us to a 21st century agenda.

But see this in the larger picture. This is not compromise. The defense budget last week went up $17 billion. They're not going to cut defense. They're saying they're not going to actually take away the tax breaks for billionaires. They're saying they're not actually going to take away the tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. All of that is safe. ``Don't worry,'' they say to billionaires. Don't worry, they say to Big Oil. Don't worry, they say to the Defense Department, we're not touching

you in this big budget deal that we want.

And then where do they turn? They turn over here to solar and wind and to geothermal and biomass, to plug-in hybrids, to all the technologies that we should be investing in in the future. And they turn to Grandma and say, Your Medicare benefit is too big. They turn to Medicaid, they say, You, poor child, you're taking too much of America's wealth. And you, green energy sector, we can't afford to invest in you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is not compromise. This is the capitulation that they are looking for from the Democrats. This is the capitulation to an agenda that helps billionaires, helps Big Oil, helps big gas, helps us export jobs overseas by keeping those tax breaks in place rather than fighting hard for what the green generation--the young people in our country--expect us to do, rather than allowing ourselves to be tipped upside down at the gasoline pump.

[Time: 17:20]

All I do is take $100 million, move it from the coal subsidies, the oil and the gas subsidies, and move it over, move it over to solar and wind, to plug-in hybrids, to all electric vehicles. And with that, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, they still haven't been cut this year in this budget. That's just taking away the increase that they get in this budget. And we still haven't made up for all of the cuts in the solar and wind and clean energy budget that they continue to slash.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it's $100 million. Does oil and coal and gas deserve an increase this year? Let's at least keep them level and give that extra $100 million over to the clean energy technologies of the future. That is the least that the green generation, the young people in our country, expect us to do because it's not only imported oil, it's also our national security, it's also global warming, it's also creating economic jobs here in the United States. I urge an ``aye'' vote.

I yield back the balance of my time.

5:21 PM EDT

Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-NJ 11th

Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. The gentleman from Virginia's amendment would increase funding for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and reduce funding for Fossil Energy Research and Development. This would result in an increase in a program that already receives sufficient funds and hamper efforts to further technologies that produce most of our electricity.

Let's be frank. Fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, generate 70 percent of our Nation's electricity, and we will use these valuable energy sources for many generations.

We must ensure that we use those resources, of course, as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Further, the amendment increases funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, a program that has seen record increases since 2007, and still has nearly, if you can believe it, $9 billion of unspent stimulus funds from 2009.

There is a proper role for the core Energy Efficiency and Renewable programs, and the bill preserves funding for those activities while cutting out activities that are redundant with the private sector or that intervene improperly in market innovation.

The amendment would also add back unnecessary funding for administration proposals that are poorly planned and lack justification. That in and of itself is bad enough, and I oppose the amendment and urge others to do so as well.

I yield back the balance of my time.