8:40 PM EDT

Paul C. Broun Jr., M.D., R-GA 10th

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, my amendment would reduce the operating budget of the Office of the Energy Secretary by 50 percent, transferring $2.5 million to the spending reduction account.

I've spent a considerable amount of time on the floor of the House during the FY 2012 appropriations process working to find spending cuts across every level of the Federal Government and across nearly every agency. I understand the challenges that the Secretary of Energy faces and the enormity of the Department that he is tasked with overseeing. But even the Department of Energy must do its part to reduce the deficit.

We've got to cut wherever we can. The future of our Nation depends upon it. Our children and grandchildren's future depends upon it. We're broke as a Nation. We have to look into every nook, cranny, and corner of the Federal expenditures and find wherever we can reduce expenditures, and this is my attempt to continue to do so.

I urge support of my amendment.

I yield back the balance of my time.