2:53 PM EDT

Frank D. Lucas, R-OK 3rd

Mr. LUCAS. Mr. Chairman, I move that the Committee do now rise.

The motion was agreed to.

Accordingly, the Committee rose; and the Speaker pro tempore (Ms. Foxx) having assumed the chair, Mr. Chaffetz, Acting Chair of the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union, reported that that Committee, having had under consideration the bill (H.R. 1947) to provide for the reform and continuation of agricultural and other programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2018, and for other purposes, had come to no resolution thereon.


2:56 PM EDT

Jim McGovern, D-MA 2nd

Mr. McGOVERN. Mr. Chairman, I demand a recorded vote.

The Acting CHAIR. Pursuant to clause 6 of rule XVIII, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman from Massachusetts will be postponed.

[Time: 15:30]



The Acting CHAIR. It is now in order to consider amendment No. 2 printed in part B of House Report 113-117.

2:56 PM EDT

Chris Gibson, R-NY 19th

Mr. GIBSON. Mr. Chairman, I have an amendment at the desk.

The Acting CHAIR. The Clerk will designate the amendment.

The text of the amendment is as follows:

Strike section 10010.

The Acting CHAIR. Pursuant to House Resolution 271, the gentleman from New York (Mr. Gibson) and a Member opposed each will control 5 minutes.

The Chair recognizes the gentleman from New York.