8:50 PM EDT

Collin Peterson, D-MN 7th

Mr. PETERSON. I'm not sure I'll need 2 minutes.

This is basically an earmark, and basically all kinds of people want to put in bills to allocate their money to ARS. We don't have enough research money for wheat and whatever else.

We can't be doing this because it's going against everything else that was agreed to. I thought you guys had decided we weren't going to have any earmarks, we weren't going to do these kinds of things. So I would hope that [Page: H3897]

we would not support this amendment, and I join the gentleman from Arkansas in opposing it.

8:50 PM EDT

Steven Palazzo, R-MS 4th

Mr. PALAZZO. Mr. Chairman, in drafting this amendment, I saw nowhere where it would actually be considered an earmark. I'm definitely opposed to earmarks in this Congress, and it doesn't specify an entity in a certain State or a certain location.

If you just want to tag something as an earmark just to kill an amendment, explain why this amendment may be bad, but don't just sit there and say this is an earmark just because everybody is going to run from it. I see no reason why it would be considered such.

But if the gentleman from Arkansas will work with me in addressing this to possibly pursue this in the final legislation, I would definitely consider withdrawing my amendment.

With that, I reserve the balance of my time.