10:35 AM EDT

Kirsten E. Gillibrand, D-NY 20th

Mrs. GILLIBRAND. Mr. Chairman, I rise today in support of my fellow colleague from upstate New York. I want to echo the sentiments of Congressman Arcuri.

Upstate New York dairy farming and small dairy farming across the country is in grave need of consideration. I was very, very grateful for the leadership of Subcommittee Chairman Boswell, who really extended an enormous amount of advocacy on behalf of dairy farmers throughout the country.

I also want to thank Chairman Peterson and the other members of the Agriculture Committee who really thought through the needs of dairy, and made sure that MILC was preserved in this farm bill.

But the issues are very serious. Last summer, the price of milk was $12 a hundred weight, and the cost of producing that milk was between $16 and $18 a hundred weight. The cost of feed, the costs of fuel have continued to escalate. This summer, if you go to a gas pump, it is over $3.50 a gallon; that is the way it was last summer. Now, we are very thankful because we have high milk prices. But this constant fluctuation is a problem that we need to address, and I am going to work with [Page:


Chairman Boswell and Chairman Peterson over the next several years to look at milk policy, how we can improve the market order system and how we can improve dairy pricing throughout our country.

I thank the gentleman for the time.

10:38 AM EDT

Michael Arcuri, D-NY 24th

Mr. ARCURI. I thank the distinguished subcommittee chairman as well as Chairman Peterson for their commitment to address this very critical issue for dairy farmers in my district during the conference.

I ask unanimous consent to withdraw my amendment.