12:28 PM EST

Philip English, R-PA 3rd

Mr. ENGLISH of Pennsylvania. Mr. Chairman, this amendment would add a section at the end of the bill to express a sense of Congress that the Corporation for National and Community Service should attempt to coordinate the recruiting and assignment procedures of their various programs to allow senior citizens and their grandchildren to share volunteer opportunities and be assigned to the same geographic areas during their period of service.

I would note, Mr. Chairman, Marian McQuade, the founder of National Grandparents Day and a homemaker from Fayette County, West Virginia, held as one of her primary motivations of her advocacy for a National Grandparents Day, persuading the grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage of their grandparents. This amendment builds on the principles that evolved into National Grandparents Day by creating more opportunities to build bridges on an intergenerational basis and strengthen the family structure.

This amendment will honor grandparents and enhance the bond between grandparents and grandchildren while encouraging a lifetime of community service.

[Time: 12:30]

It seems somehow fundamental that AmeriCorps and Senior Corps work together to bring grandparents and grandchildren together to share memorable and rewarding experiences of community service together, strengthen bonds of family, and make the lives of fellow citizens brighter.

I urge my colleagues to join me in passing this amendment today. This is a remedy for many of the pressures that we feel today on families, it's an attempt to unite generations, and it's an attempt to better coordinate two very important programs in the interest of fostering stronger families.

Mr. Chairman, I would retain the balance of my time.

12:29 PM EST

Betty Sutton, D-OH 13th

Ms. SUTTON. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the support of the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania. I thank him for his work on this bill. It is greatly appreciated by the people I represent. And to the distinguished chairwoman, the gentlewoman from New York (Mrs. McCarthy), I also extend my appreciation, and I yield her such time as she may consume.