3:40 PM EDT

Ellen Tauscher, D-CA 10th

Mrs. TAUSCHER. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I yield myself as much time as I may consume, and I will be very brief.

I rise today to offer an amendment with my friend MIKE ROGERS of Michigan to provide commuters relief from soaring gas prices by making van pooling a more viable option. Our initiative creates a 2-year pilot program in five regions across the country. It will allow State and local governments access to a Federal Transit Administration policy known as the Federal Capital Cost of Contracting. While the change is fairly technical, its impact is not. It is estimated that this alteration could

more than triple van pooling across the Nation, conserving over 500 million gallons of fuel per year and greatly reducing ozone emissions. Moreover, it won't impact the Federal budget, and the vehicles used are made by American manufacturers.

Mr. Chairman, this commonsense amendment will give Americans access to another form of transportation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces congestion and saves fossil fuels.

I ask my colleagues to support the amendment, I understand that Chairman Oberstar is willing to accept the amendment, and I am happy to reserve my time.