3:43 PM EDT

Rush Holt, D-NJ 12th

Mr. HOLT. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I yield myself such time as I may consume, and I shall be brief.

Suppose you are driving to work. Now, today you can listen to the radio and avoid some delays. But what if you had real-time information in your car that would instruct you to turn now and save 10 minutes on your commute? What if you could use that technology every day? What if millions of Americans used that technology every day? You would save time, fuel and money.

Mr. Chairman, this is not far-fetched. The technology exists today, but it is not widely implemented, although it could be. Information technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Electronic systems are now relatively inexpensive and easy to install, but we've really not looked at using them systematically. My amendment would mandate a study of this new technology, such as web-based real-time information systems, freight route management, congestion information systems, car pool information systems,

parking information and so forth and would examine the fuel savings.

[Time: 15:45]

This amendment, which is supported by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, simply calls for a study of the energy savings from intelligent transportation systems. It, indeed, I would argue, is an intelligent amendment, and I believe Mr. Oberstar from Minnesota would agree.