8:43 PM EDT

John Campbell, R-CA 48th

Mr. CAMPBELL. Mr. Chairman, we have talked here this evening about the debt and we have talked about the spending. And, you know, when you spend more money than you are taking in in government, you have a deficit.

Now, most people, Mr. Chairman, that may be watching this at home say, well, I can't do that, because if I spend more money than I am taking in, I will eventually go broke, if they have a business or their personal spending or whatever.

Mr. Chairman, we are spending more money than we are taking in here in the Federal Government by about nearly 2 trillion, that is with a T, dollars this year. I remember when $1 billion seemed like it was a big deal, and now we are talking about trillions, we are spending so much.

Part of that includes a $407.6 billion appropriation bill already passed just this year in this Congress which contained close to 9,000 earmarks. These earmarks totaled almost $11 billion and included such things as $200,000 for tattoo removal and $2.2 million for grape genetics, amongst other things. This $2 trillion deficit is the largest deficit as a percent of our economy of any year since World War II.

The President's stimulus bill included spending of $43.6 billion for 15 programs that the Office of Management and Budget called ineffective or having results not demonstrated. We could have decreased that program by 6 percent, that whole stimulus bill, just by eliminating that $43.6 billion of programs that this government says are ineffective or have results that are not demonstrated.

[Time: 20:45]

Mr. Chairman, we are spending way too much money. We're spending too much money on waste. We're spending too much money on duplicative and ineffective programs, and we're spending too much money on earmarks, on earmarks like the one that is before us here in amendment No. 107.

This earmark, Mr. Chairman, is for $600,000 to fund the Summer Flounder and Black Sea Initiative project of the Partnership for Mid-Atlantic Fisheries in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Now, Mr. Chairman, $600,000 more spending, on top of the $4 trillion we're already spending, on top of creating $600,000 more deficit, and this is just one of what I'm sure will be thousands of earmarks in all of these appropriations bills for summer flounder and other fish?

Can the flounders get along without this $600,000? I think they can, Mr. Chairman.

I reserve the balance of my time.