7:56 PM EDT

Mark Pryor, D-AR

Mr. PRYOR. Mr. President, Senator Hutchison said something that is very important. We did focus on toys. Toys capture the imagination of the American public because no parent or grandparent wants to buy something and give it to a young child which could harm or, in some cases, kill them. That is the type of thing that grabs the headlines. Let me tell you, a couple of levels deeper, one of the ways we make toys safer for kids all over this country. What we did in this legislation is we

established a statutory toy standard. Once we have that standard, and allow the CPSC to modify it over time, once that is in the statutes, that means we can test for that standard.

This bill has mandatory toy testing. For the first time ever, we are going to test these toys to make sure they meet the U.S. safety standards before they are ever sold in the marketplace.

If you think about a recall, a recall is a very uneconomical--I will use that term--and inefficient way to find a dangerous product. So the manufacturer comes over here with a product--many cases from overseas--and it is distributed, sold, and it injures someone, and the recall happens, and these products are all over America. We are streamlining it and making our marketplace more efficient and better for people all over this country.

I will end where I started. I see Senator Sununu here, who played a very key role. All of the Senators helped in some ways. Again, I will end where I started, and that is that this is a great piece of legislation. It really is. The American people will be so pleased with the work we have done to get this passed and get the President to sign it. It will make a big difference in everyone's lives all over this country. Again, it shows what we can do if we work together to solve our problems.

I am very honored and privileged to have Senator Inouye designate me as the lead guy on our side to do this, and to watch Senators Stevens and Inouye work together. They set the pace on this legislation.

I thank the Chair.