3:59 PM EDT

Dennis Kucinich, D-OH 10th

Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, all those of us who chose to be in elected office realize that we can't do our jobs unless there is a vast array of people who are in every category of employment, doing their jobs. And those workers in many cases, are people who are public employees.

Public employees may be people who are working in the streets. They may be people who pick up the garbage; they may be people who are working desk jobs. There are people who perform so many different functions.

At a Federal level, public employees are involved in providing direct service to people, whether it's making sure that people get their Social Security checks, their Medicare benefits, making sure that people have the opportunity to be able to have access to important government services.

Public service is a worthy profession. It's one that we ought to be encouraging young people to be involved in. It's one that needs to achieve more appreciation, not less. In this era where people try to attack government, they're actually attacking the people who do the work of government. We need to lift up the position of government workers. This resolution of Public Service Recognition Week is certainly one way to do it. And it allows us to demonstrate the involvement of public employees

in the daily life surrounding our communities and, in turn, we're reminded that we live in the United States of America, relying on each other to ensure the stability and greatness of our country.

This is an important moment when we can recognize, through this resolution, everyone who serves. Each person who serves is worthy of respect. There is no level of service which is not worthy of respect. Dr. King pointed that out in some of his speeches when he talked about the street sweeper, how that street sweeper should sweep streets in a way that would reflect a great virtuoso performance.

We need to have that kind of awareness that those who perform the daily work of government, at a local, county, State and Federal level, and also at regional levels, are people who love their country, love their community and ought to be honored.

I reserve the balance of my time.

4:01 PM EDT

Virginia Foxx, R-NC 5th

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

Mr. Speaker, I'm pleased to rise today in support of H. Res. 1073, honoring the millions of dedicated public employees who serve our Nation. Our country would have a difficult time functioning without its innovative, professional, highly trained public service employees. At all levels of government, you will find hardworking [Page: H2825]

staff implementing policies that make our country prosper and thrive through their contributions.

The expertise and work ethic offered by these individuals sets an honorable example for future generations of public employees, as well as those in the private sector.

From emergency responders to librarians and educators, public servants span the spectrum of jobs. They keep our country efficient and safe. Beyond the tremendous work of civilian employees, uniformed service personnel and the members of our Armed Forces are those on the front lines in the fight to maintain national security. They provide vital strategic support for our Nation's military, both at home and abroad. Additionally, their tremendous accomplishments in providing support to our 50 States,

as well as countries overseas with natural disaster relief, is to be commended.

Once again, I congratulate these employees who help make up the fabric of our country and government for performing the challenging and oftentimes thankless jobs with honor and dedication. I appreciate them for moving our country forward, as well as maintaining our safety and security.

For these reasons, I express my support of Public Service Recognition Week.

Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of my time.

4:03 PM EDT

Dennis Kucinich, D-OH 10th

Mr. KUCINICH. I would like to take this opportunity, before we close the debate, to thank those who are involved in public service in my own community, in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Having served in municipal government for many years, I understand how important the daily work of a city is. And I know that its people who repair the streets, who pick up the garbage, who make sure that the lights are repaired, who make sure the traffic signals work, who answer calls for fire or police protection, I know that all of those individuals love their community and they deserve to be appreciated.

Also, on a county level, in Cuyahoga County, you have many workers who are unsung for their service as clerks, people who work in recording deeds, people who work in collecting taxes, people who work in seeing that welfare services are given, case workers and others, they're all public servants and all public employees. This resolution is a fitting way to honor those individuals.

And I just wanted to cite specifically Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, because, having been involved with that constituency for so long, I understand the workers who make possible the work of those various governmental jurisdictions.

At this time I would reserve the balance of my time.