9:36 PM EDT

Bobby Rush, D-IL 1st

Mr. RUSH. I want to thank the gentleman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I have heard it all. I have heard every argument against the bill, and I have heard all in this motion to recommit. But I must rise to oppose this motion to recommit. And I don't do it lightly, but I must do it.

I must do it because, Mr. Speaker, what I have heard from the opponents of this bill is so confusing, it is creating a confused state in this Chamber. But I would ask all of my colleagues to not get confused about this bill. This is a good bill. This is a great bill. This bill will do a lot and go a long way to making sure that the cost of cable television throughout America, particularly in underserved areas, that we will have competition and the cost of cable will be reduced.

Mr. Speaker, the opponents of this particular resolution, they are trying to confuse us. They are trying to confuse us. They want us to eat the wrapper and throw the candy bar away. They want us to walk outside when it is bright and the sun is shining with our umbrella over our head, and when there is mist from the rain and the storm, we will walk out with nothing covering our heads. They are trying to confuse us.

Mr. Speaker, I know that this bill will drive the cost of cable down for my community in my district and districts like mine across the country. More than that, this bill, Mr. Speaker, will allow for diversity and ownership diversity in programming. This bill will allow minorities to get into the cable industry and into the telecommunication industry.

I urge my colleagues, don't fall for the confusion. Be clear. Vote against this motion to recommit.