2:05 PM EDT
Marsha Blackburn, R-TN 7th

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, this is interesting, hearing our colleagues talk about this bill. I think that people and many of our colleagues know that this bill has been born out over 4 years of hard work, hundreds of hearings, hundreds of hours of testimony. It is a balanced bill. Mr. Speaker, I certainly believe it is one that bridges the needs that we have today with where we need to be in the future as we look to renewable energy sources and alternative sources.

One of the things that the chairman mentioned a few moments ago is bipartisan support that we have had on some of our initiatives, and certainly we feel like we will see this on the energy bill. We saw it in committee, and I would commend the gentleman from Texas (Chairman Barton) for the wonderful work he did on the bill in committee.

Over the past few weeks, we had 122 Democrats that voted with us on the continuity of government bill, 50 Democrats voted with us on class action, 73 Democrats voted with us on bankruptcy reform, and 42 supported us on repeal of the death tax, and our REAL I.D. Act. I hope this is a sign of things to come, that there will be bipartisan cooperation as we look to this energy bill, because it is a fair bill. It is a fair rule that addresses this bill.

Mr. Speaker, supporting this rule and supporting this bill is good for small business. It is great for American small business, for Main Street, for jobs creation. We have an economy that has created nearly 2 million jobs in the past couple of years, 3 million jobs in the past couple of years. We are excited about what is happening with the growth of the economy. We know that this bill is going to do good work in continuing to support Main Street, support our small business community, support

our small business manufacturers, and will address some of the concerns they have about energy policy, oil policy, electrical policy and how it affects the business that they carry forth every day.

Mr. Speaker, I encourage my colleagues to support the rule and to support the bill.