8:34 PM EDT
Kay Granger, R-TX 12th

Ms. GRANGER. I thank the gentleman, Mr. Speaker. I imagine that most of us in this House particularly admire or respect someone for various reasons: their use of power, their talent in persuasion, their deep commitment to a cause or an issue. I admire LARRY COMBEST because he has the right balance of things. He knows what is really important in politics and in life. He maintains his dignity, his honesty, and his commitment while giving us his best for nearly 20 years.

He served this Nation and the State of Texas in an extraordinary way in standing firm for the farmers of this country, for rural America, and for business interests. LARRY's quiet and often serious demeanor fooled me for a while, but we often get to really know each other in this House either by working on a particular issue together or by traveling together. That is how I got to know LARRY and his wonderful wife, Sharon. You don't really know LARRY until you have experienced

the love and closeness that LARRY and Sharon share.

This Congressman from west Texas has much to be proud of; but LARRY would probably say, I am just doing my job. I will miss LARRY in this Congress, we all will, but we could not do better than to pattern our service after his.