8:36 PM EDT
Max Burns, R-GA 12th

Mr. BURNS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a man who crafted and delivered a strong farm bill to the farmers of the Twelfth Congressional District of Georgia.

Although I serve on the Committee on Agriculture now, I did not have the opportunity to serve on the committee under the leadership of the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Combest). I thank the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Combest) for his support for the Georgia farmers that I now represent, and for his commitment to the benefit of American agriculture.

In his 4 years as chairman of the committee, the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Combest) worked to improve Federal risk-management programs and Federal farm policy. His work went beyond that of the livelihoods of farmers. He worked to improve rural infrastructure, university research, broadband access, child nutrition, conservation efforts, and even food to aid other countries.

Mr. Speaker, LARRY COMBEST is well respected among the farmers I represent. His masterpiece, the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act, is farm policy that my producers support. The legacy of the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Combest) will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.