8:54 PM EDT
Kevin Brady, R-TX 8th

Mr. BRADY of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise tonight, like many others, proud of our colleague and chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, LARRY COMBEST. They say that you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give, and by that measure LARRY COMBEST has enjoyed a very rich life. He has given back so much to his community, to our State of Texas, and, of course, to the Nation he loves so much.

At times like this it is tempting, I think, to focus on his achievements because there are so many ways, so many ways he has made a difference for the better in this country. But I think you need to be most impressed by Larry Combest's attributes, his qualities as a man.

He has so much integrity, remarkable amount of integrity. He is so thoughtful about the issues. He does his homework so much. He is like the rural community he represents, incredibly hard working. His advice truly is honest. And he not only has principles and values, he lives his principles and he lives his values each day. He is a wonderful role model for younger Members of Congress, for his colleagues, his peers, for all who have worked with him. He is just a remarkable man.

And as much as we are going to miss him, the fact is we are overjoyed that he and Sharon will be sharing their time together. They have given so much back to America. We are anxious to give them time together. God bless.