7:49 PM EDT
Mark Foley, R-FL 16th

Mr. FOLEY. Mr. Chairman, I certainly appreciate the personal observation of the gentleman from Arizona.

Mr. Chairman, I first want to salute the gentlewoman from Ohio (Ms. KAPTUR), who just made some very, very important statements. I think it is important for America to note the strongest Nation on Earth, the one everyone comes to for aid and assistance, is on bended knee at OPEC headquarters pleading for lower fuel prices. The United States of America, who when asked to defend other nations is the first to respond, sends its emissaries to plead with the oil emirates to please bring down

our prices, our voters are upset.

This amendment goes a long way to rectifying not only the pleadings but, hopefully, the passage of a new era in seeking alternative fuels that will not degrade the environment, that will be available, and will create opportunities and jobs. So I applaud the gentleman from Arizona and the gentleman from Colorado (Mr. UDALL) for their leadership on this initiative. I do think it is important.

Mr. Chairman, we flick on switches and electricity immediately comes on. We start our cars; we drive. We immediately have access to virtually anything we want in this country. Yet at the end of the day we are indeed dependent on other people to supply the basic resources of this country to run our operations. Let us not continue to find ourselves at this place at this time. Let us support this amendment, let us move forward, let us strive in the 21st century to bring about technologies that will

improve the quality of life, that will improve the quality of the atmosphere and make our lives less dependent on outside and external forces.