7:55 PM EDT
Lynn Woolsey, D-CA 6th

Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Chairman, I rise in strong support of the Salmon-Udall amendment to increase funding for renewable programs. Renewables are a clean energy source and renewables are good for our environment.

It is no secret that current sources of energy, nuclear and fossil fuel-burning power plants, produce emissions and pollutants. These harmful by-products include long-lived radioactive wastes, greenhouse gases, and the air pollutants responsible for acid rain. By increasing our support for renewable energy sources to meet our Nation's electric needs, we can significantly reduce our contribution to the release of these pollutants.

Supporting renewable energy is a powerful and direct way to help protect the environment, and it is also a way to make a long-lasting commitment to our children's future and to the future of our planet. It is only responsible, and it is prudent that we support the technological development of renewable energy sources, especially in light of the current oil price crisis we are all experiencing across this Nation.

I firmly believe that we already rely too heavily on foreign oil. We must develop a responsible domestic energy policy. We must shift our focus to domestic fuel sources, like wind, like solar and geothermal; and we must assure a guaranteed supply of available and affordable energy. Yet in order for us to have options other than foreign-produced fossil fuel in the future, we must have genuine investments in renewables today.

This amendment is a key step in that direction. It is also a statement of what our energy priorities must and should be. Mr. Chairman, I urge my colleagues to support this amendment. We must develop renewable sources of energy that our children can depend upon.