8:13 PM EDT
Ron Packard, R-CA 48th

Mr. PACKARD. Mr. Chairman, yes, the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. NEY) is correct in assuming this. Should the committee receive a revised 302(b) allocation which increases our funding level, then our effort will be to consider increasing funding for the ARC to at least the fiscal year 2000 funding level.

8:13 PM EDT
Bob Ney, R-OH 18th

Mr. NEY. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for his comments.

It is also my understanding that the other body intends on appropriating a level for ARC which is higher than the level proposed in this bill. As a result, I would like to inquire further of the chairman if it would be his intention during conference negotiations that he could support an agreement to increase this funding for ARC at least to the fiscal year 2000 levels even if an increase in the 302(b) allocation is not made?