4:52 PM EDT
Jim Kolbe, R-AZ 5th

Mr. KOLBE. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the gentleman yielding. Before he [Page: H6654]

got to the floor here, the gentleman's colleague, the distinguished ranking member of this subcommittee, spoke eloquently about the project, and I concur.

This is a project that we have looked at very closely. There is no question that the consolidation of the Food and Drug Administration is badly needed, and we have actually started that process. To me, it is a great disappointment that our bill requires the interruption of that process of consolidation. This is a very long-term process.

We do hope that in conference, if funds are made available, that we would be able to move this project forward into the second phase, and certainly we do understand the importance of this consolidation. So I appreciate the gentleman's rising and making us very aware of this and bringing this again to our attention.