8:37 PM EDT
Peter Deutsch, D-FL 20th

Mr. DEUTSCH. Yes, Mr. Chairman, on the point of order.

Again, I would hope that each of us has an opportunity to read the amendment specifically. I would say to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. STENHOLM) that this is much broader than a limiting amendment, and I would agree completely with the gentleman from Florida (Mr. DIAZ-BALART).

If we read the language, it specifically asks someone, without any legislation, to determine other than a sanction imposed pursuant to an agreement with one or more other countries.

It is not a limiting amendment. A limiting amendment talks specifically about limiting funds on a specific program in a specific way without creating this additional category which would take investigative power, which would, in fact, take expenditure of funds, which by definition a limiting amendment cannot expenditure funds, which is exactly what this does.

So I think it is a pretty black and white case that we are spending money. This is authorizing money effectively, because that is the only way to do what this amendment asks us to do is spend money.

So I urge the Chair to rule the amendment out of order.