5:45 PM EDT
Tom Coburn, R-OK 2nd

Mr. COBURN. Mr. Chairman, I do not want to offend anybody in this body, but I think we ought to really characterize what this debate is about, and that is whether or not we are going to use taxpayer dollars to allow a woman to kill her unborn baby. I mean, we can say that is not a politically correct statement; but that is what abortion is, is an unborn human being, a child, is being killed. Now, we can say, no, that is not it; it has no standing, but the fact is the Supreme Court recognizes

that death in this country only occurs when there is an absence of brain waves and heartbeat.

At 19 days post-conception, infants, children in their mother's womb, meet that. [Page: H6662]

The other contention that I think we ought to talk about, very frankly, is whether or not killing an unborn child is health care. Who is that health care for, and should we ask the taxpayers of this country to subsidize the taking of unborn life? The fact is the vast majority of Americans today do not believe that abortion is the right thing to do, by far. It is growing every day as they see the truth about abortion.

The fact is that we do not consider the rights of the unborn child, except if the child is injured unintentionally in a car wreck or injured in some other way. Then it has standing. But if it has standing at those times, we are going to say the rest of the time it has no standing. Mark my words, our country will change this.

We can all disagree about whether or not this is a right or a wrong thing to do, but the fact that we should not subsidize it and the fact that the American people, by a large majority, do not want us subsidizing it, speaks very plainly to the fact that they know what the truth is: abortion is not health care. Abortion is taking the life of an unborn human being that is unique, has never been here before, never been created before, is totally unique, has the attributes of life, a beating heart,

active brain waves.

We can deny that because it is convenient to rationalize our moral choice for an inadvertent sexual activity. This amendment would pretend that rape, incest and the life of the woman does not exist. They are excepted in this. So the fact is we are protecting the true health of the woman in recognizing the right under our constitution of this unborn child.