5:49 PM EDT
Tom Coburn M.D., R-OK 2nd

Mr. COBURN. Mr. Chairman, I would just like to say that I have the utmost respect for the gentlewoman from Florida (Mrs. MEEK), but the statement she just made ignores one person's rights, and that is the rights of the unborn. Read our Declaration of Independence. Read our Constitution. Regardless of what the law is, in the scheme of the long-term measure of us as a society, it is going to be said that we did the wrong thing.

Legally, we have the right to abortion in this country. We are not disputing that. That is the law. I would just state that the fact is the judgment in history on our society is not going to be whether or not we recognize the woman's right to choose. It is going to be whether we recognize the innocent's right to life.