5:55 PM EDT
Carolyn Maloney, D-NY 14th

Mrs. MALONEY of New York. Mr. Chairman, I join my colleague, the gentlewoman from Connecticut (Ms. DELAURO), and congratulate her for her leadership and support of a woman's right to choose and rise in strong support of her amendment.

This is the 151 vote on choice since the beginning of the 104th Congress; and once again, this Congress is attempting to deny women access to legal health services.

Mr. Chairman, it was only 5 years ago that I and millions of other women employed in Federal service received a notice in the mail that our health insurance coverage by law would no longer cover abortion. It was one small notice in the mail but one giant step backward for a woman's right to choose. [Page: H6663]

This amendment would simply give health care providers of Federal employees the option of providing a full range of reproductive health services, including abortion. This restriction is another attempt by anti-choice forces on the other side of the aisle to make abortion less accessible to women. Not only does it discriminate against women in public service, but it endangers their health. It is wrong and unfair, and that notice took us backward. We need to correct it with this amendment and take

women forward once again.