8:17 PM EDT
Sam Gejdenson, D-CT 2nd

Mr. GEJDENSON. Mr. Chairman, what is clear is that the present policy towards Cuba has failed. What completely leaves us incapable of understanding is why we would ban American travel. Are we fearful that Americans would somehow be beguiled by Castro's political system, and they would go over?

It seems to me clear that our policy for 40 years has failed. If Members want to undermine Fidel Castro, get out of the way, let Americans of Cuban descent and every other national origin go there. The contrast will undermine Fidel Castro.

Somehow Members think that Americans would lose their faith in our political system, or Americans might go over to the other side. There is no physical harm or danger to Americans. It is clear the American embargo on Cuba has only isolated America.

The answer here is clear: Let us change the policy, and we will change Fidel Castro. Continue this policy and we only shore up Castro.