5:30 PM EST
Bill Young, R-FL 10th

Mr. YOUNG of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself 2 minutes.

Mr. Speaker, I first want to confirm what the gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. OBEY) said, that he and I were here this weekend. In fact, we communicated with each other throughout the weekend just in the event that we had some agreement between the legislative leadership and the White House so that we could begin to complete the bill.

I have been briefed by my leadership, and I believe that the gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. OBEY) has been briefed by his leadership. My understanding is that the agreement would be substantially higher than the House passed Labor HHS bill, and that it is higher than the President's actual request. I believe that if we come together in a bipartisan fashion here, that the gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. OBEY) and I and the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. PORTER), who is the very

distinguished chairman of the subcommittee, will be able to fashion a bill within that overall number. We will be able to guarantee that the promise that we made to medical research through NIH can be and will be kept; and that the promise we made in increasing the educational funding can and will be kept.

So we have some work to do between now and hopefully the day that we are going to have the vote on this bill, which we hope will be on Thursday morning. The gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. OBEY) and the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. PORTER) and I have a lot of work to do and with our counterparts in the other body, but I am satisfied that we can do it. Everybody, I believe, wants to get this job done and we are going to produce a bill here that probably everyone could look at and say,

gee, I do not like this or I do not like that; but there will be a lot of good in this bill that I do like.

Mr. Speaker, I yield 4 minutes to the gentlewoman from Connecticut (Mrs. JOHNSON).