1:58 PM EDT
Don Manzullo, R-IL 16th

Mr. MANZULLO. Mr. Speaker, I am sorry that I left out a point in our colloquy that is quite important.

Finally, I would like to clarify one point. H.R. 327 as introduced required OMB to annually publish a list of requirements applicable to small businesses organized by North American Industrial Classification System, NAICS, codes and industrial/sector description. In the amended version of H.R. 327 as passed by the Senate, this requirement is modified substantially.

[Time: 14:00]

Instead of requiring OMB to annually publish such a listing, it allows the task force to examine the feasibility and benefits to small businesses of publishing lists organized by NAICS code, industrial/sector description, or in another manner by which small businesses can more easily identify requirements with which they are expected to comply.

I would ask the gentleman from California (Mr. Ose), is it your opinion that the best method for classifying the information remains by NAICS codes because that would enable small businesses to best identify the paperwork burdens associated with their businesses?