10:24 AM EST
Hilda L. Solis, D-CA 31st

Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise to express my dismay with the plan put forth by my Republican colleagues which would hurt our Nation's important minority-serving higher education institutions. This plan would remove Hispanic-serving institutions, historically black colleges and universities, and tribal colleges from the consideration of the Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness, which deals with higher education and, instead, places them in a select Committee on Education and the Workforce

which deals with juvenile crime and child abuse.

What kind of message are we sending when we exclude minority-serving institutions from our consideration of higher education? Why should schools like Cal State Los Angeles and East Los Angeles College located in my district be treated differently than any other college in our country?

Two of my heroes in government were educated there in East Los Angeles College. I am talking about Gloria Molina, the first Latina ever elected as Los Angeles County Supervisor, and a former colleague, Congressman Esteban Torres, who was a Member of this body.

Do we want to send a message that these schools and their graduates are somehow less than any other college or university? I do not think so. I urge Republicans to rethink this proposal and to send the right message; that, in the 21st century, all schools deserve a level playing field.