3:53 PM EDT
Steve Pearce, R-NM 2nd

Mr. PEARCE. Mr. Chairman, I move to strike the last word.

I want to thank the gentleman from Indiana for offering his amendment to H.R. 5631. Mr. Chocola has been a constant fighter against waste, fraud, and abuse, and today he offers an amendment that gives us sound responsible oversight, which is a critical part of our job here in Congress. He has done us a favor by bringing this program to our attention.

The Defense Travel System was envisioned as an end-to-end E-travel system for DOD employees. Yet with the money spent, we could have, for the next 40 years, given Orbitz $1 million a month; plus, with the additional $50 million that we are putting in, we could pay them another $4 million a month just to use their computer system to do approximately the same thing.

Or else, if we had decided for the 15 percent of the people who are actually using the system, we could have bought a fleet of $250 million personal jets and used $1 million a year to fuel those jets up and fly the people around.

All the facts point to a system that is behind schedule, overbudget, and inoperably broken, costing taxpayers a lot of money. At times like this, Congress should help agencies stop digging themselves deeper holes. This amendment will stop funding this wasteful program and allow DOD to stop digging themselves into a deeper hole they should not be in and reconsider a better plan for scheduling, ticketing, and paying for travel.

I urge my colleagues to support the gentleman's amendment.