3:12 PM EDT
Howard Coble, R-NC 6th

Mr. COBLE. Madam Speaker, I too want to express thanks to the gentleman from American Samoa and the gentleman from Arkansas for having very ably managed this resolution, and I am pleased indeed today to be on the House floor with my friend from New York and my friend from Texas, Mr. Rangel and Mr. Johnson.

I rise in support of H.J. Res. 86, and while there is little I can add to enhance the merit of this resolution, I want to remind everyone that technically speaking the Korean conflict has not ended. The recent actions by North Korea against South Korea and the Chinese should not be taken lightly. South Korea is our true ally on the Korean peninsula. Although I have no solution for the growing threat of North Korea, at this point it seems to me the immediate course of action should be for America

to continue to embrace and support South Korea.

This resolution correctly states that we have successfully partnered with the Republic of Korea to promote international peace and security, economic prosperity, human rights, and the rule of law on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

To that end, I encourage my colleagues to support H.J. Res. 86.

[Time: 15:15]