1:49 PM EDT
Ed Perlmutter, D-CO 7th

Mr. PERLMUTTER. I will just take one moment, Madam Speaker, to remind my friend from Texas that by cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans, prosecuting two wars without paying for them, and letting Wall Street run amok, in the last month of George Bush's term in office, we lost 780,000 jobs that month. This country lost a lot of jobs. By not enforcing reasonable regulation, we lost all sorts of jobs. But since January, February of 2009 until last month, we reversed that to the point where

there were 400,000 jobs created, a swing of over 1.2 million jobs per month in this country. My [Page: H5225]

friends on the Republican side of the aisle oppose reining in Wall Street. We know, and Americans across this country know that something has to be done.

With that, I yield 3 minutes to my friend from California, Congresswoman Matsui.